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Your paleontologist aunt has been missing for several days. Fortunately, the mayor of her village has contacted you saying that he found your aunt’s electronic ink tablet in a field.

You have just received the tablet, however it does not power up anymore. After a short observation, you notice five small connectors on the side of the tablet. the side of the tablet. You connect a logic analyzer to them, which was shamefully stolen from another of your relatives.

Can you find a clue from this acquisition?

Note: The capture hsa been done using Saleae Logic 2.


  • dystylosaurus.sal
    46.12 KiB – 67a3d7d02bcc302f6fd544f3c3f31e5e1a4e22568d1fb0e9d0e661348fde3642




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I've been looking for a long time and I still can't find the flag!

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