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While analyzing the traffic between my phone and the network, I detected a Class 0 SMS. This SMS contains instructions to install a Java Card applet on my SIM card.

I have extracted the content of the applet (jc_dump.bin). It looks like Java Card 3.0.1. Our expert being absent, we cannot ask her for help.

Once this applet has been installed, I discovered that encrypted APDUs were being exchanged between the SIM card and the carrier network. I detected this APDU response, but I could not catch the beginning of the exchanges. Its content seems to be encrypted.

< C6 5F 56 69 08 F8 A0 4A 4D CE 35 C0 1A 4B B2 AB 29 D4 1C FC EA 3D FF 7E 97 E3 42 F6 4F 60 27 14 9C C7 83 4A 04 F9 D7 C2 DE 8F 35 0E 96 77 09 6F 81 EA D0 CD 09 FB BE 74 58 D7 FE 45 2D 9D A4 43 11 87 63 31 24 EF 65 3D 6E 55 DF 54 34 AC E0 A5 90 00

Can you find the hidden secret?


  • jc_dump.bin
    1.04 KiB – a73599ab05a53abb75af33dc72fe1951e66ad738c08d7a2311a3bd76df2e0897




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